Recent Footage Uploads:  
Indigo Eats Python - Nov 2014
Python Hatching - June 2014
River Otters - June 2014
Anacondas - March 2014
Bull Sharks - Feb 2014
Great Hammerheads - Feb 2014
Manatees - Jan 2014
Lemon Sharks - Oct 2013
Great White Sharks - Sep 2013
Coral Snakes - Aug 2013
Indigo Snake - June 2013
Rock Pythons - Mayl 2013
Grey Reef Sharks - May 2013
Gaboon Vipers - April 2013
Fire Ants eat Lizard - April 2013
Python Feeding - Mar 2013
Python Roadkill - Mar 2013
Wild Pigs in Florida - Mar 2013
Moccasin eats Rattler - Mar 2013
Python eats Python - Mar 2013
Python eats Pig 01- Jan 2013
Python eats Pig 02 - Jan 2013
Alligator eats Raccoon - Jan 2013
  Some of my Clients:  
Smithsonian Institution
Walt Disney Company
National Geographic
Discovery Channel
History Channel
Animal Planet
Time Magazine
ProSiebenSat.1 TV
Hoff Productions
Aquavision TV
Cineflix Productions
Cheri Sundae
2C Media
Michael Levitt Productions
Elephant & Cie
France2 TV
Fuji TV Japan
Icon Films
Univision Miami
Knowlera Media
Off the Fence Productions
Original Media
Powderhouse Productions
Steve Rotfeld Productions
Windfal Films
Zig Zag Productions
Tomwil Entertainment
Lockjaw Productions
Wide-Eyed Entertainment
Caters News Agency
Boating Magazin
Hachette Filipacchi Media
Right This Minute
 stands synonym for rare Florida Wildlife Stock Footage, in particular providing film and tv companies around the world with never before seen images of Florida's invasive species such as the population explosion of the Burmese Pythons in and near the Everglades. My OjatroChannel on YouTube is the most viewed wildlife channel today with over 150 million viewers and an amazed audience worldwide. provides high definition (HD) aerial, medical and wildlife video footage with an emphasis on the Everglades and its invasive species like Burmese Pythons. I specialize in North American reptiles like the American Alligators, American Crocodiles, all venomous snakes from Coral Snakes to Rattlesnakes and the many invasive species of Pythons, Monitors etc.. My library includes an assortment of venomous snakes from around the world, in particular rare stock footage of Africa's notorious Black Mambas.


I have an especially large stock footage collection of American Alligators, American Crocodiles, Nile Monitors, Burmese Pythons and other Constrictors, Rattlesnakes, Copperheads, Water Moccasins, Coral Snakes, Cobras, King Cobras, Black Mambas, Green Mambas, Florida Panther, Raccoons, Armadillos, Rats, Mice etc.. I also have unique and hard to find shots such as hatching of reptiles, python feeding on alligator, alligators feeding on pythons and python attacking alligator to mention a few.


All of my high definition videos are shot with 3-CCD camcorders, typically at 1920x1080 30p. To review and purchase stock video footage from my library I suggest that you go to my Footage page where you'll be able to view video clips in high quality and be able to download the Quicktime sample clips to your computer.

Please contact me, if you are unable find the right material for your production needs. Also, I do film specific video requests and deliver the material on time. Thank you for visiting

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